40+ Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools

This product sale is for your loyal fans, so make sure to let all the grandparents, fathers, mothers, and other family members of your team know. In 1973, the Miami Dolphins capped a perfect season with their Super Bowl win against Washington. Along with this historic occurrence, the team also pledged to make a social impact, partnering with United Way.
These skills can be professional (e.g. photography, tutoring, web design), but also everyday activities (e.g. running errands, driving, babysitting, pet sitting). Otherwise, have people sponsor your staff members and students doing community service for 24 hours. The Donorbox Live™ Kiosk iOS and Android app makes this possible.
You can hold the haunted house during school hours, or host an event one evening or weekend. When it comes to seasonal fundraising ideas, almost nothing outranks (or out-spooks!) a haunted house around Halloween. Most of us have plenty of random items thrown in storage or bedroom closets that haven’t been used in years. Encourage community members to bring these items to your school for a community yard sale, with the proceeds going toward your fundraising pot. Feature your school’s online donation page and text-to-give number front and center on your social media pages.
As with any school fundraiser, it’s important to track your donations carefully. Dance-a-thon fundraisers are the type of fundraiser where family members and friends pledge to donate a certain amount of money for every minute a student dances. Collecting donations is made much easier with a pledge tracker like Booster Tech. They’re an especially good middle school fundraising idea because students are old enough to take on the responsibility of participating as volunteers. Kids get to be outside, get active, and learn some skills while helping out their school.
Below, we offer several PTA fundraising ideas to raise money for your local school. Hopefully, fundraising ideas for high school offers creative inspiration to plan a successful, annual fundraising campaign within your community. Many local restaurants and food trucks will partner with schools to help raise money.
In the below campaign, the Police officials spend time reading to and with kids in the community. They’re raising funds alongside to buy books for the kids as well. Well it all starts with our relationship with one of the top cookie dough manufacturers in the country. Since ABC Fundraising® is one of the largest fundraising companies in America we can use our leverage to get the best prices and pass that along to groups doing fundraisers.