50 Unique Fundraising Ideas How to Start an Easy Fundraiser

Ensure that you have a variety of board games to host your fun day. Either charge a flat fee for the entire event or charge per game. Alternatively, you could organize a crafts fair where sellers would pay a small fee to join or donate a percentage (e.g. 20%) of their sales to your church.
Spread the word a month or two in advance so that contestants have time to prepare. Then, lead attendees through the halls, letting them vote on their favorite space with their dollars. Whether you’re fighting for human rights, environmental concerns, policy changes, or any other issue, critical support can take many different forms. No matter your cause, Google Ad Grants can help you increase online conversions and inspire new donors so long as you manage your ad credits responsibly.
Like other events, the popularity of the experience could draw in people from outside your supporter base and so grow this base. Combine with a few other fundraising options, such as raffles or auctions – a wine or beer pull raffle is an especially good option here. If Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas includes environmental stewardship, World Environmental Day is the perfect opportunity to raise funds.
Thus, the letter is written to help them raise funds which in turn will be used to enhance the fire extinguishing equipment. The other scenario could be where the building needs a complete renovation since it is old and they believe it’s high time to change the roofing. When the temperature dips, everyone is hoping to put some warm food in their bellies. A chili fundraiser not only brings in needed funds, but it’s also a reason to socialize and share your favorite recipe.
You can even round up long tables and cover them plastic or paper cloths (festive if you’re doing this during the holiday season). To keep as much of the funds as possible, find stores willing to donate cups, lids, napkins, and stir sticks. Just don’t forget to link to your online donation form in the post (idea #11).
Enlist the help of your church’s youth group, and offer babysitting or child care for the week or two before Christmas, so parents can have time to go shopping for presents. All you’ll really need to do is provide the basics (gingerbread, icing, peppermints, and gumdrops). But if your congregants want to get a little more creative, they can bring in their own candy for decorations. Other than these trophies, kickball is a very inexpensive fundraiser. Your congregation might have some of the most talented cooks in town! Let them share their favorite recipes with the rest of the church.
Ensure firefighters and/or escape room staff are on hand to offer assistance or provide safety guidelines when required. The Firehouse Escape Room will raise funds and provide insight into a firefighter’s world and foster connections between your fire department and the community. Promote the raffle through various channels, like social media, local radio stations, and flyers around town. The proceeds from the raffle tickets can go toward funding department initiatives, equipment upgrades, or community programs. Choose a high-visibility location like the fire station, a local community center, or a popular park for the event. Promote it through social media, flyers, and inviting local media or influencers.
Indoor or outdoor, and at any time of year, a yard sale will be a huge hit with your local community. People love to find great items that they can repurpose or breathe new life into. Have supporters supply pictures of themselves when they were kids. Then, other people will vote with their dollars for who they think is the most adorable or funny baby.