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Most churches incorporate some sort of budget for youth groups. However, between special events, mission trips, and camps, it’s more than likely that you will encounter the need to raise additional funds for teens. You’ll want to be well aware of the monthly budget allotted, and aim for fundraising goals according to your specific needs.

There are a variety of fundraiser options available for your youth program at church, but some require much more effort than others! Getting creative with fundraising makes the process more enjoyable and fulfilling. Best options will vary according to your group size and dynamics. Whenever possible, it’s important to incorporate students into the preparation and execution of fundraisers, giving them genuine “skin in the game” and ownership of events. Looking for some possible methods for augmenting the youth budget? Consider some obvious and some more unique options…

7 Ways to Raise Money for Youth Ministry Groups

1. Car Wash

Not so original, but always a winner (unless it’s an extremely cold season or a drought with water use prohibitions, that is…). Make sure you have hose access and plenty of soap and brushes. This doubles as a fun teambuilding event for your youth ministry. Consider additional options like air freshener and window detailing!

2. Church Bake Sale

This is an opportunity to get youth involved and other Sunday School ministries too. Warning: it can also include a lot of extra youth leader effort and preparation…. Make sure the youth pastor and other church ministers get involved in the baking action too! church youth fundraisers

3. Boxed Lunch Fundraiser

This is especially fun for holidays and destination trips. Consider thematic elements of the event (for example, a trip to Texas or a St. Patrick’s Day timing) and come up with a menu accordingly. Sell tickets in advance, and have teens assist with putting together boxed meals that match the theme. Participants can pick up boxes after a church service.

4. Rent-a-Teen Fundraiser Auction

There are a lot of great ways to offer services from youth members. Students can lend themselves to do things like lawn care, babysitting, cleaning, or errands. You could even host a small silent auction to offer these services.

5. Restaurant Fundraisers for Church Groups

A lot of restaurants offer a sponsorship night option which donates a percentage of funds raised to a church organization. Ask around your area to see if venues allow fundraisers. The great thing about these is that minimal preparation is required, other than flyer advertising and spreading the word.

6. Group Events to Raise Money

There are a lot of great ways to offer experiences that make memories and money at the same time! Consider hosting a 5k fun run, trivia night, movie night, art party, yoga class, or even a mini concert or church dance. These can require a bit of extra planning, but also provide fun and fellowship with funds.

7. Food Fun (I.E. Cookie Dough Sales, Chili Cookoff for Charity)

The old standby never fails! There are plenty of great food fundraisers out there for student ministry to raise dough selling things like candy bars, frozen pastries, cookie dough, or popcorn.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to advertise well and with plenty of notice. Put your event on social media, make flyers and signup sheets, announce in church services, and whatever else it takes to make sure you have plenty of participation and attendance.  Know your congregation, and avoid overwhelming them with too many fundraisers. It’s also important to have fun with what you do! Sure, making money is great, but activities should also provide opportunities for kids to come together in fellowship and camaraderie.

FAQ about Church Group Fundraisers for Youth Ministry

What are the most successful fundraisers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the most successful fundraiser for a church will vary depending on the size and makeup of the congregation. However, some of the most successful church fundraisers include bake sales, car washes, and yard sales. Additionally, many churches also find success with online giving platforms such as Givelify or GoFundMe.

How do I get people to donate to my youth ministry?

Bake sale – Have participants and their families bake their favorite treats and sell them at school or at a local park. Car wash – Get a few volunteers to wash cars in the community for a small fee. Yard sale – Collect gently used items from parishioners and have a yard sale to raise money. Talent show – Ask parishioners to showcase their talents (singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.) and charge admission to watch the show. Dinner auction – Ask local businesses to donate gift certificates or other items that can be auctioned off at a dinner event.

How can a church youth group raise money?

There are a few different ways that a church youth group can raise money for a mission trip. One way is to have the group do some kind of fundraiser, such as having a bake sale or car wash. Another way to raise money is to have the parents of the group members pitch in. Finally, the church itself may be able to help fund the trip. Whichever way you choose to raise money for your mission trip, remember that it is important to be responsible with the money that is raised.

What are the main 4 categories of fundraising?

The main 4 categories of fundraising are individual giving, foundation giving, corporate giving, and government grants. Each type of funding has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, individual giving is often more personal and therefore more likely to result in a donor remaining loyal to a nonprofit organization. However, foundation giving is often more generous because foundations have larger sums of money to give away. Meanwhile, corporate giving is advantageous because it allows businesses to write off their donations as tax deductions. Lastly, government grants can be difficult to obtain but offer the potential for large sums of money.

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