How To Create a Content Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Be aware of this distinction, and be careful to make informing your readers the priority in all of your content. Today’s consumers are prone to tuning out promotional content, and this could easily ruin your chances of building trust with site visitors. Instead, when you’re marketing your products or services, tell readers what you do, why it’s important, what the advantages are to your company, and how you can help potential customers. In addition to tracking the numbers of shares, comments, and other engagement metrics, it’s important to see what people are saying about your content. You can use a tool like Meltwater to monitor brand mentions, sentiment, specific keywords, and industry influencers. Then you can then see which pieces of content are working in terms of performance and which are not.
Content marketing costs, meanwhile, are centered more on the up-front expense of content creation. Once a piece is created, published, and distributed, you don’t have to keep paying for its existence or visibility – especially if you invest in SEO. By definition, high-quality leads are people coming to your brand and content who have a high chance of converting into customers. Learn the top reasons why content marketing should be part of every business’s growth strategy in today’s digital landscape. Save time, eliminate waste, and govern your brand with Library—a digital asset management tool purpose-built for marketing content.
We usually add these infographics at the top of our posts. People who want to read about the topic in more detail can simply scroll below. At Visme, we sometimes create illustrated visuals for our pull quotes and sprinkle them within the content to highlight important parts. Instead of creating visuals for the sake of creating them, think about why you’re creating each and every image, video or GIF.
Creating good content and using content marketing increases the audience of a potential product and builds organic traffic. The content provides website visitors with valuable information that answers a query. By providing information, the brand builds a relationship with the consumer and becomes of greater interest and trustworthiness.
You can also create slideshows that showcase your company’s products and services, and embed them in your blog posts to give readers a taste of what you can do for them. Authenticity is another core of storytelling for branding success. Act in the same way you conduct yourself when you write your content. Personality helps build trust in you as someone who can be counted on. This perception extends to the way your audience feels about your products or services.
Your brand shouldn’t sound as if ten different people are writing for you, even if that may be the case. Paid ads can help you reach a broad audience and allow you to position yourself in all of the places you want to be seen — paid ads are especially beneficial when paired with inbound marketing. There are many places you can share paid ads including on social media, landing pages, banners, and sponsored content. Neal Schaffer is an authority on helping innovative businesses digitally transform their sales and marketing. Digital Marketing of the digital marketing consultancy PDCA Social, Neal currently serves as a Fractional CMO to several companies.
Content at the awareness stage should be educational, how-to advice. Save your selling for the consideration and closing phases. Here’s how companies use content marketing in each stage of the sales cycle to engage and sell. Use Mailchimp to promote your brand, reach your target audience, and grow your business. Once you create both of these, disseminate them to both your content writers and your freelance or in-house designers.
You can also turn generic stock photos into unique branded images with some editing. For example, create a social media post in minutes by adding some text overlay and your logo on top of a stock photo. You can also enable social sharing on your visuals using a plugin like Monarch. This would enable readers to easily share your images on their social media with a single click.
For the best results, consider what content you can provide that also aligns with your industry or niche. At Later, for example, we specialize in providing free resources to help people grow on social media – the perfect fit for a social media planning and scheduling platform. Content marketing is three times more cost-effective at lead generation than paid search. Websites that have blogs attract 55% more traffic, and blogs statistically are the most effective brand-building tool. A clear content strategy is crucial to stand out and drive business results in an increasingly saturated marketplace. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a successful content strategy.