Mirror your iOS Device Screen on Windows with the free 5KPlayer Rick Strahl’s Web Log

Now allow the USB debugging by clicking on “Ok.” Then go to your Laptop, open the Airdroid Cast application, and click on the USB cable. Only need to be installed on the devices you want to receive media on, you don’t need to install it on any of the devices you want to send media from. Your Windows 10 screen will now be displayed on your TV. Your Android device’s screen should now be mirrored on your Roku. Turn your device sideways to see the full screen.
If you try to change the orientation while filming, it simply won’t work. Then select QuickTime and your iPhone screen will appear on the live streaming screen. Open QuickTime and go to File then select New Movie Recording. Press airplay not working to the Record button and make sure your iPhone is selected. If you want to screen mirror from iPhone to Mac, QuickTime is an awesome option. You can also record your iPhone or iPad display with LonelyScreen.
Reflector 2 also includes a broadcast feature that lets you send the image from your iPhone or iPad through the PC direct to YouTube Live. When LonelyScreen starts, you’ll see a notification letting you know that you’re using the free trial and that you should buy a license. Click “Maybe Later” to continue with the free trial. At this point you should see the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver screen.
From the detected devices, select your computer and choose “Mirror PC to Phone” to send your display. After the sucessfully connection in a few seconds, your iPhone screen will be displayed on the PC. You can also show full screen for a clearer view. After you start the mirroring app on your Windows PC, you need to connect to it from your iPhone. If you don’t have an Apple TV, you can still connect your iPhone to your computer.
We found Easycast app and AIrdroid Cast is a good option for iPhone and iPad to screen mirror on WIndows 10 laptop, both the apps works flawless for screen mirror. However, recently we have found that Easycast app is available on Microsoft store but not available on apple store. Airdroid is a very popular app for Android for screen mirror and control android phone over Windows laptop.